Kyle Franke

Making magic one frame at a time.

Hello! My name is Kyle. I grew up an electronics nerd in Minneapolis Minnesota. Paper Boy, Doom, Myst, and Castle Wolfenstein were just some of the games that captivated my young visual mind. As soon as we got our first computer, I had torn it apart and put it back together again. Some may say my vocation and avocation have fused, creating an analogous scheme of complementary attributes.

As a young computer technician my love afar with PC’s was starting to go sour. I found myself designing letterheads, logos, and shooting videos for my friends who thought they were faster and more furious than Dominic Toretto. Moving imagery quickly became my new mistress.

I studied Visual Effects and Motion Graphics at The Art Institutes International Minnesota, and started my career off at Minneapolis local Target Corporation where I worked on in store media for Channel Red, National Meetings, and a number of animations for the Corporate headquarters LED screen that is a permanent fixture of the Minneapolis skyline. At Target I came across a program called Cinema 4D by MAXON, due to the ease of use and beautiful out of box three dimensional renders all sorts of doors started opening for me.

Currently I work and live in Minneapolis where I enjoy biking, camping, photography, thai food, good conversation, and hanging out with my amazingly talented friends.

My work consists of Motion Direction for all types of moving media. Local and national television commercials, online advertisements, and music videos.

Motion, Animation, Visual Effects, and Visual story telling.

I try to get behind the lens as much as possible. I shoot mostly with RED cameras, Sony Fs7, F5 and F55. I’m a sucker for all image creating devices.

Moving Media is what stokes my core.


Pre Production

Story boards, style frames, shooting boards, animation tests, pre visualization, these elements are the seeds for our ideas. Concepting and planning is key to a fluid process.


Visual Effects Supervision, Directing Photography, Directing Talent, Camera Operation, Pulling Focus, Building Rigs, and even sweeping floors on set; this is one of the most rewarding parts of the job physically, mentally, and creatively. Lets get our hands dirty.

Post Production

This is the final step, everything comes together here. Editing, Motion Graphics, Animation, Compositing, Color Correction; seeing ideas come to life, that is why tomorrow will be just as amazing as today.

Software Packages

Loyal Clients

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