2017 Sizzle Reel


This is Franke Pictures 2017 Sizzle Reel. The best of this year, and some from the past. Visual Effects, Motion Graphics, Animation and Live Action.

In order of appearance:
Confident Space – 3D Design, Animation, Rendering, and Compositing.
Target Well People/Beauty Stop Motion – AC, Second Animator, Compositing/Color Supervisor.
Nation Wide New Heights – 2D Animation.
Trolli Slothversations – Compositing, and Animation.
Target Fall National Meeting Interstitials – 3D Design, Animation, Render and Composite.
Trolli Beardsketball – Composite, 2D Design, and Animation.
Target Racing – Art Direction, 3D Animation, Render, and Composite.
Target Seaweed/Beauty Stop Motion – AC, Second Animator, Compositing/Color Supervisor.
Minnesota Lottery Lucky for life – Rotoscoping, Match Move, Composite.
Concord Anthem – 3D Concept, Particle Animation, Render, and Composite.
H&R Block – 3D Animation, Simulations, Render, and Composite.
Health East Clinics – 3D/2D Animation Lead, Edit, and Composite.
Belly Up Logo – Motion Design, and Animation.
Donkey Label Racing – Assistant Camera, Camera B.
Instagram Exploration Projects – Everything.
Target Beauty Winter – Motion Design, Animation, and Compositing/Color Supervisor.
Target House on Hunted Hill 360 Experience – Assistant Camera, 360 Camera Operator.

Music: The Ride EP [Westwood Recordings] – Megan Hamilton