Ace Sport Compilation

Project Description

Working as Senior Motion Designer, and Director for this campaign while at Shinebox Creative. I developed preproduction, as well as pitch boards, working out action and framing. Then directed the live action shoot. After capturing some stunning 240 frame per-second slow motion, I lead the team in edit, while creating the smoke and fire simulations inside TurbulenceFD for Cinema 4D


Project Details

Client: 3M

Shinebox Creative
Director: Kyle Franke
Art Director: Robert Pflaum
Creative Director: Robert Luna
Brand Art Director: Sarah Stroschein
Edit: Sam Boulay
3D Animators: Sam Boulay & Kyle Franke
VFX Animation: Kyle Franke
Design: Robert Pflaum
Copywriter: Kris Dunlap
Account Director: Nancy Prososki
Project Manager: Clara Levit Hughbanks
Project Coordinator: Katie Field

Producer: Andrea Fulkerson
Director of Photography: Roger Sackett (Evergreen Pictures)
Cinematography : Alex Horner
Lighting: Dave Palm, Doug Wightman
Audio Mix: Keith Gettelman
Make-up: Kim Horecka

VFX Breakdown