Dare. Dream. Do.

Project Description

These short videos were aimed at telling the story of individuals at Target, and how they influence there teams as well as support the brand. Using the power of hand illustrated animation, and 3D animation, the team was able to produce a compelling set of visuals that supported the story being told. I had the pleasure of acting as animation supervisor, on set visual effects supervisor, compositor, and a few other hats on this internal Target campaign. Using PF-Track camera, moves were translated into 3D space for use in Cinema 4D. This enabled our animations to occupy the same space as our subject. Using Digital Kitchens original creative, I was able to developed a toon shader that would mimic the traditional hand animated look and feel in Cinema 4D.

Project Details

Client Target
Date 2009
Producer Michelle Lappin Day
VFX Supervisor Kyle Franke
Lead Animation, Rendering, and Compositing Kyle Franke
3D Modeling and Animation Matt Person, Matthew Peroutka
Art Direction, Boards, Illustration, 2D Animation Ryan M. Hanson