Heath East

This animation was a group effort for sure. Jenna and I worked very close to create all the elements for the story one item at a time. Each element had three layers that were all animated on individually. Figuring out when to use 3D vs 2.5D was a major endeavor. In the end all camera moves and placement were done in After Effects. As lead on this project, I was incharge of all technical aspects, direction, layout, and flow.


roles on this project

Client - HealthEast

Illustrator - Jenna Freimuth

Animator & Art Director: Kyle Franke

Animator: Sam Boulay

Copywriter: Kris Dunlap

Brand Sr. Art Director: Sarah Stroschein

Account Director: Linda Goodvin Executive

Creative Director: Randall Larson

Project Manager: Clara Levit Hughbanks

Project Coordinator: Katie Field

Voice Talent: Jon Drew

Music and Mix: In the Groove

VO Tech: Babble-on Recording Studios

Special thanks to our project intern, Christopher Levin.