This national television spot was created for H&R Block to highlight the emerald advanced program. Using the vast mograph toolset in Cinema 4D, I was able to deliver on the seemingly impossible task of animating and building recognizable objects out of blocks. A hand full of techniques were used to execute as a single camera move, including some “slight of eye” tricks. This spot was rendered out of Cinema 4D and composited in Nuke.


Rolls on this project

Client - H&R Block
Date - November 27, 2015
Agency - Fallon
Post Production - Pixel Farm
Creative Director - Jeff Stevens
Sr. Producer - Joe Mechtenberg
CG Director - Tom Doeden
VFX Director - Kurt Angell
VFX Assistant - Luke Braith
Lead Animation, Rendering, and Compositing - Kyle Franke
Look Development and Animation - Mike Hoium
Design - Jeff Stevens